5 Tips for Traffic Safety on Australian Work Sites

There are many traffic safety concerns on Australian worksites. More than 2000 traffic incidents occur every year, and more than 200 people lose their lives to traffic accidents each year. This blog post will discuss some traffic safety measures that companies can take in order to reduce this risk as much as possible.

Hire A Professional Traffic Control Company

Traffic safety measures are something that companies should take very seriously if they want to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries. Hiring a traffic control company is something that should be done. There are many traffic safety considerations to take into account when hiring traffic controllers, and it’s important for companies to understand these things before they hire someone.

The first thing is selecting the right company, as traffic controllers have to be trained for the area and traffic situation, so it’s important to get the right one for your traffic safety needs.

The next thing is that the company should have a good reputation in this field as well as experience. Traffic controllers need to be aware of all traffic laws and regulations pertaining to their work environment so they can enforce them properly on-site or on the roads.

Have a traffic management plan

There are traffic safety laws in Australia that require certain traffic control measures on worksites. For example, traffic signs must be placed at least 300 meters before the site boundary and warning or stop signals must be installed to indicate when work is taking place on the road. Traffic control measures include traffic cones, traffic drums and barriers to stop traffic from entering restricted areas. These should not be placed less than 100 meters apart, or a solid barrier must be used instead.

Special consideration is needed for pedestrians who may need assistance crossing the road to get on-site or off-site, as well as drivers of vehicles who may be carrying traffic control equipment.

The site traffic plan should include the types of traffic control devices that will be used for certain situations, such as a road closure. This can help to reduce traffic congestion and ensure safety when workers are trying to exit or enter work sites during peak hours on busy roads. For example, if there is a traffic-control incident on the road, traffic cones can be used to guide traffic around it until the situation is resolved.

Install sufficient lighting

Traffic safety includes traffic control, but it also means ensuring that there is sufficient lighting on the worksites. It’s important to have enough light for traffic controllers as well as workers who are carrying traffic cones or other signage.

If a company wants to install lights themselves, they should be aware of different types and consider installing emergency power in the event of a power outage and make sure the traffic controllers are in safe positions.

Use traffic safety measures for pedestrians

Pedestrians need traffic safety too! Pedestrian traffic control is important because they’re often not aware of what’s going on around them or where they should be walking, so it’s important that companies have appropriate signage that they can see and traffic control measures to help ensure their safety.

Investigate incidents

Traffic incidents are not uncommon on worksites, so traffic safety personnel should be trained and equipped to investigate traffic incidents right away. The first step is for traffic controllers to stop traffic in the immediate vicinity of the incident by using appropriate traffic control devices such as cones or drums. They will then inspect the scene to identify any hazards that may have caused the traffic incident.

The traffic controller may also need to take steps such as removing debris from the road or clearing a slippery spot on the road before traffic can resume. In some cases, they will be able to get traffic moving again quickly by directing vehicles around an obstacle using traffic cones while waiting for other personnel to arrive and fix the traffic incident.

Investigating traffic incidents right away will help to reduce the risk of accidents happening again in that same spot, as well as to reduce traffic congestion and to improve safety for workers on site. The company should also investigate any traffic-related injury or illness to determine what caused it so they can prevent similar injuries from occurring in the future.

The traffic safety issues on Australian worksites are very real, but there are many ways that companies can reduce these risks by hiring an experienced and reputable company such as AllSafe Traffic and taking advantage of all traffic safety options available. 

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