What is a Traffic Management Plan and Why Do I Need One?

What Is Traffic Management?

Traffic Management is the term used to describe the management of the existing road network and its users to maximise safety, performance and dependability.
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) objective is to optimise road area allocation and traffic movement so that the best efficiency possible is accomplished for all road users at all times. Could you imagine what Sydney Roads would look like if no one was managing this?
Handling the road network in NSW is an intricate job needing considering numerous issues consisting of:
  • Improving roadway safety.
  • Managing commuter, bus, freight and tourist movement.
  • Improving all transport options, including cycling, walking and travel management.
  • Congestion in central city locations.
  • Congestion caused by unexpected accidents and unique events.
  • Combination of land usage developments into the road network.
  • Councils have a crucial role in managing traffic movement and working with Roads and Maritime Services in handling these issues on its own Regional and Local roads.
What is a Traffic Management Plan and Why Do I Need One? 1
When undertaking construction that affects a roadway, you must talk to a Traffic Management company, such as AllSafe Traffic, to guarantee you are good to go. It is our job to liaise with councils, RMS, Police, Traffic Management Centre and different bodies to guarantee the community is protected at all times. If you prepare correctly, your task runs smoothly and efficiently.
Even the tiniest mistake could cost your business thousands of dollars, and we have seen it happen before. If you are not sure if you need traffic management or need additional advice, call AllSafe Traffic today on 0400 503 030.
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