3 Tools Everyone in Traffic Control Should Be Using

When it comes to events that may disrupt the usual flow of traffic, roadwork that requires traffic diversion or even just general day-to-day traffic control, having the right tools is essential. Effective traffic management relies on planning, strategy and many different pieces of equipment. But what exactly are these tools and equipment that traffic controllers use and how are they beneficial? In this blog we look at 3 essential tools every traffic controller should be using.

  • Portable Traffic Signals and Signs

One important device/tool, which is beneficial in traffic management, are the portable  traffic signals or traffic management signals.

Portable Traffic signals are the devices that offer maximum control to roads, most especially in various road intersections. These devices relay messages to both what you must and must not do as a driver. The major function of the traffic signals is to assign the proper way to a particular opposing movement of the traffic in a particular road/ road intersection. It is also easy to understand the traffic management signals or traffic signals. This is since it has an easy-to-understand interphase or design.

When traffic signals are appropriately installed, they may be beneficial in increasing the capacity of traffic handling on the road.  It may also improve the safety and efficiency of both the pedestrian and the traffic. Most importantly, it may be a great help in the reduction of several road accidents.

  • Traffic Cones

Drivers navigating through a construction zone where there is roadwork can be a headache, especially if there aren’t any signs directing traffic. Motorists need to be informed when there is a sudden change ahead because of construction or roadwork. The visibility of the route is very important because it alerts drivers on what to expect ahead. This is where traffic cones provide an easy solution.

During big events, All Safe Traffic eases the stress from event planners by leaving them to manage their event and not the traffic. Worrying about directing the traffic on the day of your event can be stressful. All Safe Traffic is here to help! We can plan out the safest route with traffic cones as needed to create a smooth transition for drivers and pedestrians to get to their destinations safely.

Slowing down fast drivers can eliminate pedestrian accidents during events. Providing traffic cones at events can ensure that pedestrians arrive at your event accident-free. Keeping people safe is not only our expertise but our priority at All Safe Traffic.


3 Tools Everyone in Traffic Control Should Be Using 1



  • Printed Safety Vests

High visibility uniforms and vests come in various reflective and fluorescent bright colors for use during the day and at night. It is vital to choose the appropriate high vis clothing that best suits the job environment and conditions.

Reflective vests and uniforms are for use in low light levels and nighttime work environments. For instance, road construction workers who are working at night should have reflective clothing. The vests reflect light that is shined on them, so workers are easier to see.

Fluorescent vests and uniforms are better suited for bright and daytime work environments. The bright colors make it easy for people to see workers since they stand out. They are not suited for low light or nighttime work. There are some vests and uniforms that offer both types of materials so they can be used in both work environments. However, not all reflective vests and uniforms are fluorescent, nor are all fluorescent vests and uniforms reflective. Keep this in mind when selecting the appropriate high vis safety vests and uniforms for your work environment.


All Safe Traffic can provide you with all your traffic control needs. Contact us to find out how we can customise a plan for you. 


3 Tools Everyone in Traffic Control Should Be Using 2