How Female Traffic Controllers Increase Safety

How Female Traffic Controllers Increase Safety

Recent statistical data and reports show that there has been a significant increase in the number of female traffic controllers in Australia in recent years. The primary reason behind this is the unique capabilities that females possess as well as personality traits, which lead to decreased road rage and increased safety. 

When it comes to the female workforce in the overall traffic control industry today, they make up around 25-30%.  In 2001 , they only made up 5% of the traffic control officers. 

Experts say that female traffic control officers have a much calmer and cool behaviour. They are quite different in how they perceive situations and how they react, compared to males. Female traffic controllers are likewise good with both drivers and pedestrians.

How Female Traffic Controllers Increase Safety 1Their attitude towards motorists and pedestrians is much more calm and relaxed. They have good skills in diffusing a difficult situation. Due to their feminine nature and soft attitude, they can help to calm people down and create a safer environment in case there is an  accident. These skills make female traffic controllers a huge asset when it comes to increasing safety. 

You may not know but road rage is one of the biggest issues for traffic control officers – especially for male officers because they can lose their temper. For example, as a traffic control officer when you stop someone from stepping into a certain place, most of them will show offense. So, yes, road rage is indeed an issue. In this regard, female officers have the ability to manage the issues of traffic control and road rage. They are more likely to remain polite and courteous to angry motorists and this can defuse the tense situation.

How Female Traffic Controllers Increase Safety 2

This is not to say  that male traffic control officers are bad. They also have outstanding skills to control road rages. Regardless of gender, traffic control officers must be trained to adapt or acquire certain traits that could help them control issues quickly. 

The maternal instinct of female officers is also a plus point. During road rages or any other harsh situations, they use their instincts to protect their co-workers – thus fostering a safe and secure workplace. 

At the same time, female traffic control officers also face problems because there are drivers and motorists who will mistreat these officers despite their incredible skills. In this regard, most female individual traffic control officers tend to stay calm and peaceful while confronting such motorists with aggressive behavior. This is another way to calm the harsh attitude of the driver and reports show that female officers are very good at doing so. 

Furthermore, there are some motorists who are so aggressive that they don’t care about the safety of male or female officers. Such people have injured female officers many times. Many have been killed during road rage incidents. Female traffic control officers have sacrificed a lot in the line of duty – to do their job and maintain safety on roads. 

All Safe Traffic will always support female officers and provide them with safe and secure equipment as well as sophisticated solutions that will help them solve many problems on roads. 

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