What is Traffic Control and Why is it important?

We all want to reach our destination as fast as we can but it is impossible because traffic is inevitable. Sometimes you get stuck in a traffic jam due to road works, accident or a special event. And there are signs which guide you to take another route because this one is blocked due to some reason. Traffic jams do cause inconvenience but such signs are very helpful and these ensure the safety of the citizens.

What is traffic control?
Traffic control is basically guiding vehicles to another safe route when the road is closed due to construction, accident or other road disruption. They ensure the construction workers get there on time, emergency gets to the accident site faster and the citizens pass by safely.Traffic control is extremely important for the safety of drivers, vehicles and workers – basically everyone!

Prevents accidents – traffic controls not only control traffic, they keep it in streamlines meaning there are proper lanes. If there are not any signs or traffic control persons then there will be chaos and a lot of accidents could occur.

Saves fuels and money – When you are driving by the help of signs and in proper lanes, you drive at a constant pace which burns less fuel unlike in situations where you have to continuously turn your engine on and off, which can absorb more fuel. Less fuel, less money.

Road rage incidents – Whenever people try to cut off someone or speeds up just to show that he can, it leads to higher risks of road rage incidents. It can ruin lives. When if you control the speed and everything in normal circumstances what if there is a construction site nearby? Traffic control helps prevent all these things.

Use of devices – when there is a problem ahead of the road, firstly you will see a sign and then you will come across devices such as orange traffic cones to close the lanes or roads generally. They are not placed at the very end but there is a fine distance between the construction area and the device to ensure the safety of the public.

Use of special clothes – To control the normal traffic, traffic signals are enough but in situations which are mentioned above, other things and safety precautions are used such as traffic control person (TCP) wears special clothes and equipment like safety apparel (makes him visible at night too), stop/slow paddle etc.

Traffic control is highly important in order to maintain discipline and prevent accidents. They ensure the safety of the public as well as workers. People should respect and follow the signs and signals for their and their fellow being’s safety. There is nothing more important than the lives of people.

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